The Independent Fire Equipment Distributors Association

This company is a Member of the Independent Fire Equipment Distributors Association.

The Association originated in 1989 and came into being due to the identified necessity to promote quality and professionalism within companies engaged in the supply, service and maintenance of fire equipment to industry and commerce alike, in both their trading practices and in the pursuance of standards of excellence and quality.

quality assurance

Association Membership requires companies to install a quality System in line with the requirements of BS 5750 Quality Systems and that they allow unannounced audits of such systems and employees' work, to be carried out both in-house and on customers' premises by those persons elected through the Association`s Executive Committee.

All companies applying for Membership are required to have been trading for a minimum period of one year. That all personnel employed in the service/maintenance of fire equipment be qualified and certified to do so.

The Independent Fire Equipment Distributors Association holds approved certificated training courses for Members, together with a third party invigilated examination to quality Assured Schedule 3169.4/9 "The Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Equipment" also membership requires maintenance/service engineers to undertake regular refresher courses.

The Constitution if the Association includes an article stating that any member bringing the Association or fire trade into disrepute, by either its trading practices or continual customer complaints shall forfeit its rights to Membership and will be expelled from the Association.

To you the customer this should ensure that should you choose to trade with any Association Member, the services provided should be of the highest calibre and professionalism. Should you on any occasion have cause for concern as regards matters you are advised to contact:

The General Secretary
Carrington Business Park
M31 4YR

Tel: 0161-776-4251


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